11 October 2013
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11 October 2013,

Pneumonia, lungs, symptoms, lake norman, pulmonary, mooresville, cough, fever, breathing, sickPneumonia, an infection of the lungs, can vary greatly with regard to the symptoms it produces. The most common symptoms of pneumonia include: cough, fever, weakness, elevated heart rate and difficulty breathing. The infection may also cause chills, chest pain, nausea, and an excess of mucus that is brought up by fits of coughing. Pre-existing lung conditions will worsen with the onset of pneumonia. Older adults often experience milder forms of these symptoms, in addition to confusion or delirium.

It is important to have the condition diagnosed by a medical provider. Pneumonia is diagnosed through a physical exam and review of symptoms. Chest x-rays and blood tests can also help confirm the diagnosis and the extent of the condition.


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